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CCP Real Estate Advisor's hospitality division was formed to work alongside owners and investors in all aspects of site acquisition, management, ownership and financing of hospitality investment portfolios.

Hotel Pasea - Huntington Beach, CA

Our services include:

  • Hotel Acquisitions

  • Hotel Dispositions

  • Hotel Land Brokerage

  • Consulting

The landscape has changed dramatically for the hotel brokerage business since the top of the last cycle. At that time, the issue for brokers was finding product, as the market was moving quickly. Almost any property, reasonably priced, would get multiple offers.  Buyers knew that if they waivered, there were others to take their place.

Now, the dynamic has changed. While there are still plenty of buyers, they are proceeding with a high degree of caution. For sellers, it is important to be represented by a professional hotel brokerage company with the skills, experience and the latest technological tools, to properly present the property, locate the right buyer, and help navigate through the obstacles that may occur along the way to closing. For buyers, it is important to work with a brokerage company that knows its markets and has access to properties that meet their specific criteria.