Shattuck Square

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Shattuck Square

Now Leasing
5,100 SF – Berkeley, CA

Property Name: Shattuck Square | University & Shattuck – Berkeley, CA
Type: Confidential Business Opportunity
Availability: Seeking qualified brands for lease assignment.
Key Money: $ Best Offer.
Terms: Preference given to credit and timing.
Condition: As-is, includes most equipment (w/o POS system, inventory, intellectual property, etc.)
Size: 5,100 SF (Original square footage for lease calculation. Currently 4,682 SF + 1,187 SF Mezz)
Terms: 10 Years (7.5 years remain)
Option: One (1) ten (10) year renewal
Rent Commencement: 10/02/2015
Drive Time 7 Minutes 15 Minutes
Population 115,819 654,332
Median HH Income $84,977 $78,430
Average HH Income $127,754 $104,084
Median Age 38.0 34.0
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